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Dota Pro Circuit 2021 first closed qualifiers statistics — is NA scene dead?


Dota Pro Circuit 2021 first closed qualifiers statistics — is NA scene dead?

The first regional qualifiers of Dota Pro Circuit 2021 ended a few days ago. Esports Charts collected and analyzed events’ statistics: in this article, we will tell you which regions were the most interesting for the viewers, which matches attracted the majority of fans, and which region (spoiler: it’s NA) should think about its place in the Dota esports scene.

Esports Calendar 2021


Esports Calendar 2021

The coronavirus is still around, but the esports industry faces brighter prospects in 2021 than in the year before. You will find all the top tournaments that were confirmed (or not yet canceled) in our calendar.

M2 World Championship Preview


M2 World Championship Preview

January 18th is the date of the beginning of the main tournament in the mobile esports discipline Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, held in Singapore. The twelve best teams from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, Brazil, Russia and Myanmar will compete in the World Championship for the prize fund of $300 thousand.

Twitch 2020 in numbers

Twitch analytics, Company news

Twitch 2020 in numbers

Streams Charts has prepared a special page containing the most significant Twitch results in 2020. Moreover, there is a notable bonus for the streamers: We are providing an opportunity to see their channel infographics for 2020.

LoL Worlds 2020: The most popular teams

Teams stats

LoL Worlds 2020: The most popular teams

The indicators displayed by the League of Legends World Championship in 2020 were incredibly high. Despite facing minor problems with the list of participants, the tournament pretty much managed to stand its ground when compared to the previous competition.

Arena of Valor: Discipline's results in 2020

Mobile esports

Arena of Valor: Discipline's results in 2020

2020 is coming to an end, and so we start to summarize the results of the outgoing year. This article is about Arena of Valor, the top mobile game of 2019. We’ll list the achievements of the discipline and check whether this Chinese MOBA has improved its performance over the last year.

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