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The esports recognition in Ukraine

The esports recognition in Ukraine

September 7, 2020, has become a momentous day in the history of Ukrainian esports. Ukraine has joined the list of countries, which consider esports as an official sports discipline.

The Ukrainian Esports Federation (UESF), in close collaboration with the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports and the International Esports Federation, became the main driving force for this occasion.

"This is a new stage for Ukrainian esports. The Ukrainian Esports Federation has fully launched the B2G (Business-to-Government) interaction process.

Together we'll introduce mature esports with professional statistical figures and continue the standardization of metrics for the esports and streaming markets.

Esports Charts has been analyzing the activities of other esports federations, and we've noted that the audience's interest in participation doesn't differ from the interest in watching. As such, we can conclude that all esports disciplines are equally popular among participants and viewers."

Ivan Danishevsky, the President of Ukrainian Esports Federation and Esports Charts founder.

What does the official recognition of the discipline mean for Ukraine? First of all, it signifies cooperation with official state institutions, ministries, and departments. Moreover, it will provide the official administrative support at the state level, the opportunity to organize school and university leagues and tournaments, to create and develop national teams, as well as send talented Ukrainian players to international championships.

One of UESF's goals is to create a platform that will provide a springboard for esports players to enter the global competitive scene. And in the future, it will be possible to officially construct and develop a full-fledged esports infrastructure in the country.

On September 11, the Federation has already announced the first CS:GO and FIFA tournaments called CyberUP, which will start on September 28.

Read more about CyberUP

Official website of Ukrainian Esports Federation

Esports Charts analytical service is primarily a multinational team, and it is the greatest value of our company. We are very proud of our Ukrainian origin and give our best shots to the development of the Ukrainian esports market and its promotion in the international arena.

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