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FFL Clausura: Not by Brazil alone

FFL Clausura: Not by Brazil alone

Pretty much everyone is aware of the incredible popularity of Free Fire in Brazil. However, the recently held Free Fire League 2020 Clausura has attracted one million Spanish-speaking viewers, demonstrating that mobile battle royale in fact enjoys a large following across Latin America as a whole. Find more details about the tournament in our blog.

Free Fire League 2020 Clausura was held from August 29th to November 7th among the participants from Latin America. The eight strongest teams earned the spots in the Free Fire Continental Series 2020: Americas. However, the teams occupying 5th to 8th spots all went to the play-in stage of the championship.

The first round of the finals became the league’s most popular part, reaching 1 million 257 thousand peak viewers and 113 thousand average viewers. Meanwhile, the indicator of the final stage alone reached 753 thousand viewers.

Almost all the tournament’s viewers came from the Spanish-language broadcast, which gathered a total of 1 million 255 thousand peak viewers. Additionally, the viewers had access to an unofficial English-language broadcast. However, the latter contributed to the tournament’s overall results by less than 0.1%.

Additionally, Free Fire League 2020 Clausura became the most popular tournament among Spanish-speaking viewers due to reaching 1.2 million peak viewers in the finals. The closest rival of the event would be the Free Fire League Latinoamerica 2020 Closing - Finals with its 1.2 million peak viewers. Coming in third place was the Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio with 363 thousand peak viewers.

As shown by the ranking, League of Legends, Fortnite and Minecraft are also popular among the Spanish-speaking audience. The last two games have achieved their results thanks to popular streamers, while LoL has entered the top thanks to the legendary Worlds 2019 semifinals match of G2 vs. T1.

Standing out among the platforms was YouTube, being responsible for 88% of the tournament’s total hours watched. Booyah, Facebook and were the other sources of broadcasts. The last two platforms only had the community streams, as the official broadcasts were only available on YouTube and Booyah.

We should mention that some of the viewers came to the broadcast in order to receive gifts. The organizers applied a special drop system that allowed the ordinary viewers to receive special cases in the game. Considering the gathering of three parts of the code as a requirement, this forced the viewers to watch the broadcast for a long time.

The tournament’s results serve as another reminder that the fans of Garena Free Fire can be found not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America as a whole. The previous regional tournament further reinforced this idea by setting a new record for the discipline.

The mark of 1.2 million peak viewers is the second highest one reached by Garena Free Fire, being 37% below the current record of 2 million set by the Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio. At the same time, the previous second spot indicator (that of FF Pro League Brazil 2019 Season 3) was improved on by 19%.

The upcoming Free Fire Continental Series 2020: Americas is destined to set a new record for the discipline, as it will bring together two of the game's most important audiences: the Portuguese-speaking and Spanish-speaking viewers of Latin America.

Learn more about Garena Free Fire using our social media pages, and don’t forget to share your opinion through our official Discord server.

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