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How was the performance of the Brawl Stars Championship 2020 qualifiers?

How was the performance of the Brawl Stars Championship 2020 qualifiers?

For more than half a year, the world’s best teams have been competing in qualifiers for the Brawl Stars Championship 2020. Today we will be summarizing all the achievements for the qualifying stages of the year’s main Brawl Stars tournament.

Brawl Stars esports system is almost a complete copy of that of its older brother: Clash of Clans. Once again we are seeing the eight worldwide qualifiers taking place from March to October, with three extra separate qualifiers for China taking place in summer.

It should be noted that only the final matches of the qualifying stages will be broadcast. While this provides the viewers only with the most important qualifier battles, it also deprives some of the viewers from the potentially interesting content.

The debut tournament in March turned out to have the most peak viewers among all of the competitions, with 68 thousand viewers following the Qlash vs PSG Esports. The least peak viewers have been gathered by the finals of September: a total of 16 thousand. This shows us that since the start of the pandemic, the public interest in qualifiers has dropped by 76%.

The average viewers indicator has declined even more. Amounting to 26 thousand during the first qualifier, it reached merely 4 thousand in July. This is an 83% worth decline, which makes us skeptical when it comes to looking forward to any good results of the upcoming World Championship.

PSG Esports can be rightfully called the most popular team of the qualifying stage. The esports division of the renowned football club took part in four of the most popular qualifier matches. It should be noted that the qualifiers also featured Milan, which is yet another popular football club. The Italian team has signed a partnership with the esports organization Qlash, therefore gaining its own Brawl Stars roster.

The Brawl Stars World Championship will be taking place on November 21-22. Omen Elite, INTZ, Nova China, Jupiter, PSG Esports, Codemagic Purple, AC Milan Qlash and SK Gaming will all compete for the prize pool of $1 million. The broadcasts will be available in 14 languages across 9 platforms, with YouTube being a main one out of these.

The format of the upcoming Brawl Stars Championship 2020 is quite interesting. The organizers will be bringing the maximum possible number of teams to a special ESL studio in Poland, while the participants unable to arrive will join the battle from their homes.

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