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Most viewed organizations in Q2 of 2020

Most viewed organizations in Q2 of 2020

The first quarter of 2020 has ended with the fact that Natus Vincere became the most popular team. Fnatic and Team Liquid accompanied the Ukrainian team at the winner's pedestal. But how did the rating change in the second quarter?

Firstly we should remind that the stats of organizations include the results of all rosters and players, but we didn't include those who relate to the Battle Royale genre.

Interestingly, all top-5 organizations of Q2 are almost at the same level. We should note that the last time there was a big gap between Natus Vincere and other teams.

Let's talk about those who didn't reach the first five. Team Liquid has left the top-5, and now they're occupying the sixth position. It's important to understand that this organization has 6 rosters and 11 players in different disciplines. This again proves that the amount of rosters doesn't always guarantee the organization an abundance of Hours Watched.

Moreover, the Brazilians from MiBR surprised us. Their CS:GO roster managed to collect 16M Hours Watched. This is the best result among all teams in our rating that even exceeds the Natus Vincere. As you can understand, Brazilian fans do notmiss even one match of their home team.

G2 again opens our top-5. For 3 months, the European organization has collected 20M 154K Hours Watched for 97 matches and 20 tournaments. This result was reached thanks to 7 rosters.

Their CS:GO team made an immense contribution to the overall mark - 9M 654K Hours Watched or 47,9%. We should note that the performance of the team on ESL One Road to Rio Europe made up half of that result.

The League of Legends roster became a crucial moment for G2 Esports because it contributed 45% from the overall mark. The subdivision performed at LoL European Championship and reached a peak of 817K viewers at the Spring Finals.

Virtus.pro became the 4th team of Q2 of 2020. The Russian organization didn't reach the first five in Q1, but they fixed that in the second part of the year. The overall result of 21M 148K Hours Watched was reached thanks to 4 rosters, which played 144 matches in 31 tournaments.

The Dota 2 roster of the organization has contributed 78,2% to the total number. Yes, VP has main and alternate rosters in one discipline. ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Europe & CIS became the most popular tournament of Dota-division, and there the main team of the organization has collected 5M Hours Watched.

CS:GO team of Virtus.pro has contributed 19,6% to the overall Hours Watched number. We should note that the number was so moderate because the squad left the tournaments without reaching the playoffs, that's why they didn't collect a lot of Hours Watched.

The guys from OG really can be called the "organization of one team". In Q1, the team tried to change that, so they've actively participated in CS:GO tournaments. Their overall Hours Watched number concluded 21M 149K thanks to 98 matches and 21 tournaments. Please note that if there were no CS:GO roster, the team would not have beaten the VP result.

Dota 2 remained the most essential and key discipline for the organization in the second quarter. The roster came up with 72,6% from overall Hours Watched number of the organization. As in the case of Virtus.pro, OG has 2 rosters. Though, the alternative roster contributed much less than the main.

The viewers preferred the main roster's battles on ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Europe & CIS the most. The team has collected 5,9M Hours Watched, and the match against VP gathered 500K viewers at the peak.

Fnatic managed to save its position in the second quarter of 2020. During three months, six rosters of the team took part in 108 matches of 31 tournaments. They received 21M 478K Hours Watched for these efforts.

CS:GO became their most popular division. The organization has collected 52% of Hours Watched thanks to it. The team achieved 69% of HW thanks to their game on ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe.

Their League of Legends roster became the second by popularity. The roster contributed 30% to overall Hours Watched of the organization because of their performance on LEC Summer and LEC Spring. Moreover, the meeting of Fnatic and G2 in the Spring Split gathered 817K Peak Viewers.

The title of the most popular team of the quarter goes again to Natus Vincere. The Ukrainian organization has collected 21M 957K Hours Watched. The team achieved this result because they've participated in 99 matches and in 27 tournaments.

Almost the whole number of Hours Watched was achieved thanks to CS:GO roster. The team has set a 1M record on IEM Katowice 2020 in the previous quarter. Though there were no new records, they are still the most popular in the world.

NAVI has got the biggest amount of Hours Watched on ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe. This tournament made up 10M Hours Watched for Born to Win, and this is 45% of the team's overall results for the second quarter.

A legendary Dota 2 roster continues to stay in the shadow of its CS:GO colleagues. The squad has contributed 25,5% to the overall number of Hours Watched of the organization.

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