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Most popular mobile esports teams in SEA

Most popular mobile esports teams in SEA

At first glance, it seems like mobile gaming is less popular compared to the regular esports. But the situation is completely different when it comes to Asia.

There, mobile esports is more accessible by default, and therefore more widespread among the gamers. Because of this, Asian tournaments for mobile esports disciplines tend to attract millions of peak viewers, while the teams are having huge fanbases all over the region.

There's still the question of which team is the most popular in Southeast Asia. Today we will be able to answer it based on the overall statistics of social network followers of the teams.

The absolute leaders in Southeast Asia are EVOS Esports, with the team having a total of 6.3 million social network followers at the time of writing this article.

Such a result was achieved thanks to the organization having a number of teams in all the popular mobile disciplines across two regions at once: Indonesia and Thailand. It should be noted that they are not keeping separate social network pages for each team – something that allowed them to gather the region's entire fanbase in a single place.

The region's next most popular team would be Aura Esports from Indonesia. They are only 50 thousand behind the ranking's leaders and also have the highest number of subscribers of all the teams in TikTok, the currently trending Asian platform.

It should be also noted that the majority of followers for every team came from Instagram – as opposed to the YouTube- and Facebook-centric tendencies of the rest of the world, when it comes to team development.

Despite the team's lack of Twitter and TikTok, Indonesian RRQ managed to reach the mark of 4.1 million followers. Bigetron Esports also managed to enter top 4, but are still 2 million followers behind the previous team – and that's despite having pages on all the popular social networks.

When it comes to Vietnam, we have the Heavy team as a clear leader, as well as the fifth more popular Southeast Asian team. They have a total of 1.2 million people following them. In particular, most fans are following their YouTube video blog that's dedicated to the teams, their lives and various funny moments. Aside from that, 23% of their total followers are following the team on TikTok.

Taking the sixth spot was ONIC Esports, followed by 1.1 million fans. ONIC is also among the few splitting the social network pages of its own teams on the regional basis. The pages of the Philippine teams have 270 thousand followers.

Based on the number of followers, POPS Bacon Time with their 1 million followers would be Thailand's most popular team. Just like in case of Heavy, most subscribers follow them on YouTube – due to the team producing a lot of entertainment-oriented blog content. Not far behind them are Buriram United Esports with 913 thousand followers.

Malaysian team Bosskurr is one of the last in our top. It is followed by a total of 652 thousand viewers – despite the team only maintaining pages in two social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

Closing the top is Team Flash from Singapore, which is also number one team of its region. This team is most popular on Facebook, and followed by a total of 586 thousand viewers.

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