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Tribo to Major: Viewership results

Tribo to Major: Viewership results

Gaules has come a long and challenging way to his popularity on Twitch. His fans were the main support and motivation for him and to continue his development. 

Alexandre always tries to help his community, and his Tribo to Major tournament became a great chance for fans to show themselves and enter the CS:GO pro scene.

Tribo to Major is the final South American RMR tournament, which was held from the end of September to October 13. The first stage included Open Qualifiers with 512 teams that competed for the spot at ESL One: Rio.

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Two best teams, Keyd Stars and Sharks Esports, continued to fight in the Group Stage, and there they met BOOM Esports, Isurus, Red Canids and Imperial e-Sports.

The Viewers Peak was reached at the final between BOOM Esports and Sharks - 77K. As a result, the Indonesian organization BOOM Esports got its deserved place on ESL One: Rio, as the guys won all last tournaments in the South American region. It should be noted that this is the only non-Asian team of this organization.

Sharks became the leaders by Average Viewers; they've overtaken BOOM Esports only by 289 viewers. The result could have been different if MIBR had taken part in the tournament. The team is currently undergoing line-up changes; that's why they have lost their chance to fight for the place on Major.

Gaules and GaulesTV channels hosted official broadcasts of the tournament.

Gaules is the #1 streamer in South America, so there's no doubt that his broadcast is the most popular - 55K Peak Viewers. Alexandre is one of the reasons that Portuguese-speaking viewers contributed 77,8% to the overall Hours Watched number. Regarding GaulesTV, this channel gathered 1,7K Peak Viewers.

Spanish-speaking viewers concluded 20% of Hours Watched, and Goncho was the most famous Spanish streamer - 26K Peak Viewers. Moreover, he experienced the most immense followers growth - 10K. Russian and English were included in the category of other languages.

The main mystery is when exactly ESL One: Rio 2020 will take place. The Major was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the organizers have not announced a new date yet, but this event will definitely be offline.

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