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Twitch categories in September 2020

Twitch categories in September 2020

The first month of autumn has come to an end. What does it mean for the readers of our blog? Right, reports on the popularity of Twitch streamers and categories.

What has changed on the platform since August? Firstly, Just Chatting has remained at its rightful first place. The Peak Viewers increased by 23%, but the Hours Watched concluded 1M less compared to the last month of summer. 

The main reason for this outcome is the second game in our list - Among Us, launched in 2018. The game has united cosmic setting, detective elements, and story of betrayal among the team.

Twitch-community loved this game so much that it even overtook League of Legends despite the beginning of Worlds 2020. This success was achieved primarily due to the streamers' interest along with the memes and funny moments. The Viewers Peak of the category concluded 745K in September.

xQc became the most popular Among Us streamer in September. He collected 11,9M Hours Watched, but Spanish streamer Auronplay is leading by Peak Viewers. His broadcasts were watched by 161K viewers at the peak this month.

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As we mentioned before, League of LegendsWorlds 2020 has started, but the results on Twitch are not impressive. The Hours Watched of the category decreased by 5%, but at the same time League of Legends reached the highest Viewers Peak in September - 794K spectators. As for the World Championship itself, it has set a new record on the first day of the Play-In stage.

Here we discuss the Play-In stage results, and in this guide, you can find out all the info about the next stages and their broadcasts.

The stats of the next three categories dropped a little, but at the same time, the games haven't lost their positions compared to August. The Hours Watched of Fortnite decreased by 21%, and the Viewers Peak declined by 44%.

Call of Duty's Hours Watched decreased by 11%, and Peak Viewers of this month concluded 60% less. Though, we should consider that the August result was achieved thanks to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War announcement. This month there were no such loud announcements but we've seen streamer tournaments like Vikkstar's Warzone Showdown and others.

Counter-Strike improved its results this month: Hours Watched increased by 11%, but the game did not experience the Peak Viewers growth. Minecraft has even overtaken Dota 2 this month. However, the number of autumn Minecraft events was less compared to summer.

The Hours Watched of Dota 2 did not increase much, but 2x more Peak Viewers watched the category in September. One of the reasons for that is the OMEGA League finals, which we've already discussed in our previous article.

Valorant has lost three positions in September. Hours Watched dropped by 30%, and the Viewers Peak decreased by 72% compared to August, as there were no large-scale tournaments besides Blast Valorant Invitational.

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Fall Guys has suffered the most. This hype category has lost 8 positions this month. The Hours Watched decreased by 73%, but the Peak dropped only by 17%, as the streamers kept the viewers' interest with the new tournaments.

Teamfight Tactics returned to our Top-20 thanks to the first World Championship in the discipline - Teamfight Tactics Galaxies. Read more about the event in our blog.

NBA 2K21 appeared on the last positions of our top. It became available on September 4, but the owners of the next-gen console will play it only in November.

Do you already have any idea how the top will change next month? Share your opinion on our social networks and on our Discord-server.

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