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The sixth season of cs_summit updates its records

The sixth season of cs_summit updates its records

The recently concluded sixth season of cs_summit was the most successful one in the history of the series. The coronavirus pandemic did not prevent the competition from updating its records based on every indicator.

Like many other CS: GO events, cs_summit was divided into regions. In this case, the competition was valid for the teams hailing from Europe and North America (but not from Asia and Oceania).

We'll remind you that cs_summit 6 belongs to the list of Regional Major Rankings events. Before, the series was opened by WePlay! Clutch Island – and before that there were the regional Road to Rio competitions from ESL.

The tournament for the American teams has brought the most viewers. The competition has attracted a total of 190 thousand peak viewers. Such a result was brought by the match between Liquid and MiBR in the group stage. Meanwhile, the final match (EG vs. Gen.G Esports) did not even enter into the top 10 most popular matches of the tournament.

The MiBR team became the real star of the cs_summit 6: North America. The matches of Brazilians have gathered slightly more than 100 thousand viewers. That's given that the team itself did not venture beyond the group stage.

Things were a bit different for the European competition. The region has reached the mark of 133 thousand peak viewers. It was reached during the final, featuring the match of BIG vs. Vitality. The average viewers indicator has reached the mark of 51 thousand viewers.

Based on the average viewers at cs_summit 6: Europe, BIG became the Europe's #1 team. The representative of Germany has gathered almost 61 thousand average viewers at this competition. Additionally, the team has participated in four out of five most popular matches of the championship.

Talking about languages, the situation is rather obvious. The European tournament saw its greatest result in the English language, which has brought it a total of 61% of the hours watched. The streams in Russian, Portuguese and French were at approximately the same level. This time, the result of Russian-language broadcast was not the best due to the lack of CIS-based teams among the participants.

The American tournament has featured another victory of the Portuguese-language broadcast. The stream for Brazilian fans was responsible for 49% of the event's hours watched – while the English-language broadcast brought the championship 43% of its hours watched.

When comparing the last season's result to those of the series' previous tournaments, we are witnessing a positive shift, marked by breaking the records for all the key indicators. In particular, the increase of the previous season's peak viewers indicator reaches 104% (as compared to the American region).

The historical perspective shows us that the tournaments from season 3 through 5 were not so successful. However, the last championship has finally changed the state of things. The reason for this is an extremely attractive list of participants.

In North America, the MiBR and Furia teams from Brazil were among the participants. These teams have been the main cause of the large figures obtained by the North American events for several months in a row. The organizers have understood this well enough to organize an official Portuguese broadcast. Meanwhile, the Europe's potential for setting records was diminished due to the lack of guys from Natus Vincere. However, given the ranking nature of this championship, NAVI simply couldn't participate, being the representatives of the CIS.

The sixth season of cs_summit had a positive vibe about it. The tournament has acquired a new format, albeit not of own volition. Meanwhile, the act of setting new records has allowed the championship to finally outmatch the first two seasons.

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