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The most popular tournaments of July 2020

The most popular tournaments of July 2020

July was quite a heated month for the mobile esports. Standing out the most was the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup – which became the most popular tournament of the month.

MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup became the most popular tournament of July with a result of 1 million viewers. This is the second month in a row when the Mobile Legends Tournament of Southeast Asian National Teams manages to reach the top of the ranking. In June, the top spot was claimed with the result of 705 thousand viewers.

Aside of this tournament, mobile esports was represented by three more events in the top. PUBG Mobile World League 2020 East became the second most popular championship of the month based on the 728 thousand peak viewers attracted by the mobile version of the battle royale. The final of Arena of Valor Premier League occupied the middle of the ranking, reaching 670 thousand peak viewers at the final match. We've discussed the results of this event in more detail in our blog.

The regional League of Legends tournament of Korea, LCK became the only representative of non-mobile esports in the overall ranking. The Dynamics versus T1 match was watched by 584 thousand peak viewers. It should be noted that this particular encounter was interesting by having the legend of the discipline engage the leader of the tournament's standings.

Completing the top 5 was another mobile game championship – this time the one for C.O.P.A. Free Fire. The final of the championship was watched by 570 thousand peak viewers, with the entirety of this result being courtesy of the Brazilian fans alone.

The North American Regional League of Legends tournament became the most popular tournament of July for the English-speaking audience. LCS Summer 2020 has reached 265 thousand peak viewers. LEC Summer 2020 with its 255 thousand peak viewers was only 10 thousand viewers away. In July, the American competition has managed to outclass the European championship for the first time. Closing the top 3 was yet another LoL tournament: LCK Summer 2020.

The last two spots went to the virtual stops of the Call of Duty League in New York and Toronto. We have already summarized the results of this competition. At that time we've discussed the first half of its regular part.

For the Russian-speaking audience, OGA Dota PIT Season 2 Europe & CIS was the most notable event. The championships for Dota 2 still enjoy much popularity in this region – which is why Parimatch League Season 3 became the second most popular tournament of the month here.

It is quite interesting that LCL Summer 2020 was found in the middle of the ranking. The main League of Legends tournament of this region doesn't make it into our ranking that often. This time, it became possible due to a temporary shortage of Dota 2 and CS:GO esports events.

By the way, the shooter got the fourth spot due to gathering 20 thousand viewers at cs_summit 6 Europe. Closing the top 5 was Warface PRO.Champions Season II with its 17 thousand viewers. The appearance of Warface at the fifth spot was also made possible thanks to the slight lack of competitive events for Valve's game.

The official broadcasts of /lcs and /lec became the most popular esports channels of the month. Following these were the official streams of ZrT Trackmania Cup 2020 and Brazilian CBLOL. Finally, because of Twitch Rivals for Minecraft we have the surprising appearance of /elrichmc in the ranking.

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